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Hi, this site is about me, Steven Verhoest, a freelance User Interface designer.

I want you to know that I tried to put as much as possible in this website concerning myself and my knowledge. It's not just about the content but also about the underlying technology I used to build this site, the pictures I used, etc. Every aspect of this site tells something about me as a person and as a User Interface designer/developer.

Want to know more ...

I studied industrial design, which I finished with distinction, in 1990. I have always known that I was passionate about technology, computers and design. That's is also the reason why I immediately jumped on the internet wagon from the first moment (mid nineties) it came available in our regions (Flanders - Belgium). I started my web career at the 2 major web agencies at the time: "The Reference" and "e-Com".

By now I have more than 10 years of experience in the field but I still learn new things every day. The industry keeps on pushing new technologies and I'm more than eager to absorb as much as possible. Thanks to my experience I can assimilate these technologies pretty fast and harness their potential for myself and my clients benefits.

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Don't make me think

Or why "not having to think" is sooo important for you, me and by the way for your site.

The web is these days all about the end-user and the user-experience. But don't make your site fancy for the sake of having a lot of whoosh and bling bling. The user doesn't want to RTFM(*) so your web application or site has to be crystal clear. The user needs to find immediately what he wants and what he's interested it without thinking.

I follow this way of thinking as close as possible. Approaching the user in this manner, finds its roots in industrial design and ergonomics. This is a perfect example how industrial design and web design have a common ground.

I didn't invent the term "Don't Make Me Think". It comes from the wonderful book "Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability" by Steve Krug. This basically says everything what a good design has to be. I truly recommend this book.

(* RTFM = Read The F***'n Manual)

Size does matter

Forms follows function but the looks of your site or application does matter. No?

Before you read this you have to read the part about "Don't make me think". Because the looks of a site are of course extremely important. But it has to be, before all functional.

As a designer, I try to find this thin line between looks and functionality. I will use proven usability semantics and merge them with the look and feel that's appropriate for your website or web application.

Check out my "Eye candy" or "The truth is out there" and see for yourself what I'm capable of or what I think is good web design.

I Love Ria

Who the f### is Ria

Why is RIA so important for me, well because it's the "easiest" way to deliver a great user experience. I'm following this technology as close as possible. There's not yet a lot of demand for RIA but I believe this will grow exponentially. RIA is here to stay and I LOVE RIA.

Now what is RIA? RIAs or Rich Internet applications are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered by way of standards based web browser plug-ins or independently via sandboxes or virtual machines. The most important RIA frameworks at this moment are Adobe Flash/Adobe Flex/AIR and Microsoft Silverlight. But also javascript frameworks, like jQuery or protoype, using AJAX come close to what Flash/Flex and Silverlight are capable of.

Read more about RIA on Wikipedia

I love techno*

Technologies I love, html, css, xml, javascript, browsers, jquery, actionscript, .... in short I'm a geek

(* and I love pounding techno music to)

I love technology. I try to follow every possible new web technology out there and it's sometimes hard to keep track. Because there's a lot out there. I know you can't know it all. I'm specialized in Adobe and Windows based stuff.

I use Adobe apps for design (Illustrator, Photoshop) and for web development (Dreamweaver), but also for RIAs (Flash/Flex/Air).

I'm also used to work with Windows Visual Studio for aspx driven sites. So I know my c# and how to connect to SQLserver. I'm also fond of the DotNetNuke and the new MVC framework because they give me the possibility to build robust sites, fast and easy. Silverlight is for me the next big thing so I'm reading and trying out stuff like hell, because I need to know this stuff to.

The image I used in the background is drawn by Neil Ardley and comes from the book "The New Way Things Work"

They love me

A list of companies I worked for, directly or as subcontractor.

Across, ING, Capgemini, Wyeth, S.W.I.F.T., Movetis, Unithink, Vlaamse Woningbouwers, Omega Pharma, ecmpool, Agfa, Alcatel, Barco, BBL, Belgacom, Credit Lyonnais, Daikin, DHL, eCom, ellips, GBL, interbeton, Sheraton, Proximus, SD worx, Sidstahl, Starwood, SVOB

The image I used in the background "coppers" is drawn by the London graffiti artist BANKSY

Eye candy

Screenshots of my work

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-> intranet | phone management (web application) | flash presentation | information CD rom | product CD rom

Barco Graphics

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-> Starters CD rom | online trading web application


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Carels R&D

-> web application for enterprize management tool (front: flash, back jsp)


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-> package tracking web-application


-> presentation slides | flash presentation | web site


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-> web site


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-> online cell phone activation application


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Starwood hotels

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The truth is out there

Sites I like a lot and you should too! (*)

(* Why? Because I said so)

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